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Located on the west coast of British Columbia, we've helped hundreds of Canadian families achieve energy independance, unshackle the chains of power costs, and help to create a better, more sustainable future. Our list of accomplishments in the industry is constantly growing, due to clients like you who want to leave an impact on the future of our environment. All it takes is one phone call to get started with the movement.

We firmly believe making the process of acquiring solar technologies as simple as possible and available to as many people as possible are keys to success. Our goal has been to streamline the steps and break down the barriers, so that we can all move forward towards a sustainable future with clean, renewable, affordable, energy

Over kW of solar installed on the west coast
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Solar, without limitations

Solar is quickly becoming the renewable of choice not just in Canada, but across the world. With a flexible and affordble solar installation, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable, affordable energy in your home, off-grid cabin, apartment or commercial building, and break free from the chains of energy costs.


Solar is among the only truly clean energy sources. Even hydroelectric power has impacts on the environment, impacting wildlife and habitats of certain species of fish, even potentially releasing harmful gasses from the decomposition of organic material in dam reservoirs. Apart from the process of manufacturing, solar poses absolutely no threat to the ecosystem.


Harnessing energy from the sun demands nothing from the planet, has almost no environmental impact, and will continue to produce power for generations to come. Every other form of energy production requires some amount of consumable energy to manufacture, upkeep or maintain.


In today's volatile energy market, the cost of power is increasing year by year. Lock in your energy costs and guarantee savings over the lifetime of your solar install. Combined with savings from select financial institutions, solar is the only power production method guaranteed to save you money.

Maximize your energy efficiency with the Government of Canada's Greener Homes Grant
Solar Industry news
Jul 21
The M&A Turf Battle Over Wind, Solar and Storage Projects

In March of 2020, Covid shut down economies, closed off supply chains, and sent unemployment to historic levels. No one knew what would come next for energy. Oil prices went into negative territory. Industrial electricity use plummeted. Residential demand shot up. And there were big pipelines of renewable energy projects waiting to get built. “I think we were all a little bit nervous about how COVID was going to affect all of the deal flow in the market,” says Britta von Oesen, a managing dir...

Jul 9
Extreme Weather Keeps Maxing Out the Grid

It’s been a very intense year for America’s power grid. Across the country, the electricity system just faced another stress-test as extreme heat taxed power plants and grid operators in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and New York. Since 2000, outages across the U.S. have increased by 67%. Is the power system ready for tomorrow’s extreme weather -- today? Stephen and Katherine are joined by Dr. Melissa Lott, a senior research scholar and the director of research at the Center on Global Energy...

Jul 2
Where Are the Gaps in Climate Tech?

We spend most of our time on this show talking about what's happening in climate tech. What technologies, business models, and markets are being developed? By whom? And how much impact will they ultimately have on decarbonization? But there's an equally interesting topic. What isn't happening? In other words, where is the white space? What areas, technologies, or markets need more attention?  The mandate of a new non-profit called Actuate is to identify and fill gaps across multiple areas, in...

Jul 2
The New ‘Valleys of Death’ in Climate Investing

There were about eight years when climate tech was wandering in the wilderness, so to speak. It started after the Solyndra bankruptcy in 2011 and ended about two years ago, when the market began heating up again. During that time, people in this space examined the valleys of death. What are the stages in a climate tech company’s life cycle that might be painful -- or even fatal -- to go through? And what resources can a company draw upon to cross these valleys? To tackle those questions, Shay...

Jun 18
How A.I. Will Revolutionize Climate Tech

The array of AI applications within climate tech is staggering -- and rapidly expanding.  There are lots of exciting point solutions, but there’s no clear example of AI directly and meaningfully reducing GHG emissions on a global scale. Yet. Last year we had Priya Donti on the show. She’s a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon and co-chair of the Climate Change AI organization. This week, she came back with her Climate Change AI co-chair Lynn Kaack, a postdoc researcher at ETH-Zurich.  Priya and L...

Jun 16
Tracking the Equity Outcome of Decarbonization

We can measure the energy transition in any number of ways. The hundreds of millions of solar panels and wind turbines installed. The gigatons of carbon reduced. Or the number of jobs created. But how do we measure the equity outcome? Our guest co-host, Dr. Destenie Nock, is focused on exactly this question. She is an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.  Dr. Nock is creating new models for energy-systems planning that factor in positive s...

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