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The largest most experienced solar company on the coast, which also does so much more.
Alternative Power Systems of Canada (APS) offers our customers a variety of power solutions for home, business, cottage and RV’s. We can help you design, engineer and install the right system for your needs. Start small or go big; be completely off-grid and self-sufficient or have a grid-tied system, we can make your system completely compatible with your existing home wiring and/or generators. We sell and install generators, micro-hydro systems, EV chargers and wind turbines. Why Go Solar? The price of solar has significantly decreased in the past few years, while the cost of electricity and natural gas has continued to increase. Solar modules and inverters (the system) have a life expectancy of more than 25 years; therefore, you can have reliable, quiet, clean renewable energy for decades to come all while increasing the value of your home. Have an existing solar system? We can assist you in expanding and upgrading your current system by adding more solar modules, battery backup, a wind turbine or a stand-by generator. Can Solar be Effective in Canada? Yes, solar can be used in all seasons. Solar energy naturally fluctuates: with an off-grid system deep cycle batteries are the key to maintaining energy levels; while a grid-tie system can offset decreased production. APS makes sure the solar array(s) is/are located in the optimum position for maximum production. Canada actually benefits from cooler temperatures. More southern locations have substantial temperature increases starting in the spring, which can decrease system output by as much as 20%.
We are your number one choice for solar.
Our solar installs have a fully transferable limited warranty covering all labour, major components and any existing roof warranty; at the best prices in Western Canada.
Clean, Renewable, Affordable Energy It Just Make Sense!
$24,000 Added Value A Typical 6kW solar system will add $4 per watt of solar installed to the value of your home; while providing savings for years to come and giving you peace of mind. As hydro rates increase, you will see greater savings and return on your investment.
Energy Independence and Increased Savings as Rates Increase
Help the Planet 5.92 Metric Tons of Carbon Amount of carbon offset annually with 6kW solar system


The ﷯ Advantage Alternative Power Systems (APS) is a division of the Olson Group of Companies. Olson Electric Ltd. is the largest local commercial /residential electrical contractor and has been serving Western Canada for 28 years Labour, permit and BC Hydro applications are included in the quoted price APS solar installs have a transferable limited warranty covering all labour, major components and any existing roof warranty Electricians are fully bonded and insured Full service company covering engineering, installation, maintenance and remote system monitoring Guaranteed lowest prices anywhere in Western Canada
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Clean, Renewable, Affordable Energy